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What is 'Fitness for Humans'?

Learn a little bit about us, and why we're here.


In a nut shell, this website is about your being fit, happy and healthy.We’ll give you tips on keeping fit, shredding fat, building muscle, nutrition and the very culture of fitness itself. We’re serious about fitness, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. This blog is here because we love to discuss everything and anything about fitness, so we have fun doing it. Some articles are meant to just entertain while others are to educate.

We’re human, so why not act like a total dickhead and have fun in the process?

Who runs this website?

I do.  My name is Wade. I eat fanatically healthy, I life weights, throw around kettlebells and have been training in Martial Arts (Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) for almost 15 years. I’m also a former fat-ass who got his shit together and made the habit of getting off the couch 15 years ago.

But it’s not just me who delivers the content, I accept guest posts and I don’t ‘own’ all of the information – it’s here for you to make use of.

To be real with you, who I am isn’t important.  I’ll let the information this website provides do the talking. 

In saying that, I recommend talking to your doctor before making use of any of the information on this website.



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