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junkfoodHaving a plan is the key to success with anything.

When trying to lose weight,build muscle or just be healthier in general a solid plan will bring you the results you’re after, but why do these plans often fall short?

One word: Sabotage.   

Planning is easy, execution is the hard bit.  Execution is where most people fail, even when they have a solid plan that’s well geared towards getting results. Everyday we have to fight against 3 common types of sabotage that prevent us from following through.

While it’s easy to say it’s too hard, and blame the rest of the world for a lack or progress, this simply wont get you the results you want, so you need to identify and overcome these types of sabotage.


Sabotage 1: The people around you

A possible scenario:

You sit down to have lunch with a group of people, with a healthy meal consisting of lean meats and vegetables.  As you look around everyone else is eating McDonald’s, pies or pizza.  Someone offers you some of their unhealthy food.  You reply after a pause saying “No thanks, I’d like to but I’m trying to be healthy”.  You made the difficult decision to stick, as tempted as you were you’ve battled the urge successfully, then it happens:  “It’s alright mate! Once won’t hurt! You can eat whatever you want…”

This is an extremely frustrating situation, while the person offering the food thinks he/she is being polite and trying to help you relax and enjoy yourself, they have no idea just how rude and unsupportive they’re being.  Sure, you’re trying to better yourself, achieve your goals, and here they are telling you “don’t have to” and to relax just once.

While once seems like only once to them, you realize the ‘just once’ happens many times a day, and once turns into twice, three times and so on.  As I said earlier, these people don’t realize what they’re doing, so you’ve got 2 options.  Just ignore the comment, and say no.  The problem is this can get frustrating time after time, so you may need to explain to the person, politely, what they’re doing.  If they know how serious you are about your goals and that they’re making it hard for you, chances are they’ll try to stop convincing you.  After all, these people aren’t really out to harm you, they just don’t understand.  Helping them to understand will make things a lot easier.

Sabotage 2: Your Lifestyle

A possible scenario:
You’ve got a busy day, you have to drop the kids off at school, then rush off to work.  You forget your lunch, you’ve got 20 minutes to head out and buy something, but the only food available is at the bakery or a fish and chips store.  While you’re contemplating how you plan on eating healthy, your boss tells you they need you to stay back for a few hours because of an important job.  There goes your workout.
There’s no easy way to tackle these little curve balls life throws at us, but now is the time to be strong and really stick to your guns.  If you’re forced to eat unhealthy, make it a small portion, don’t just give up and pig out.  As for the workout, you may need to attempt to either squeeze one in later or skip it all together.

For cases like this it’s good to have an easy to execute back up plan. 

Keep a basic home workout routine written down so you can perform it at anytime should you miss the gym, and the same goes for your diet.  Keeping a healthy snack at work as a backup can be an alternative, or understanding the closest place to your work with healthy food options.

While these aren’t exactly bulletproof, it demonstrates a way of thinking that can save you from these scenarios. If staying healthy is nearly impossible with your current lifestyle or job, maybe you need to weigh things up and make some lifestyle changes.  What’s more important – your daily routine, or your health?

Sabotage 3: Yourself

There’s no scenario here, just a constant mindset.

Motivation can make things easy in the beginning.  The novelty of eating healthy and exercising can wear off very quickly, so you must develop your mental approach. Craving unhealthy food, or simply not bothering to put the time in to exercise is what will inevitably prevent you from living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Learning to toughen up and stick to your guns, being confident that this is what you want, is the way ensure success.

While the above 2 types of sabotage focus on external environmental factors, it is ultimately yourself who will be responsible for the outcome.  Learn how to work within that environment.  So if you take one thing away from this entire article it’s this: you are responsible, dedicate yourself, don’t allow others to sway you and be stronger than the temptation.

At the end of the day the only factor in life you have remotely any control over is yourself, so exercise your self control and aim high, because no one else will accomplish your goals for you.

Understanding your environment is the key, points 1 and 2 are what you must learn to understand and work within, and working on yourself is the way to do it.  While the above methods may not be exactly right for you, think about these factors and workout the best way for yourself to overcome these obstacles.  If you can do this successfully, you will be healthy, active and fit.  It’s only a matter of time!