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Get ripped!A little tweak can go a long way.

Changing one or two seemingly minor things can have drastic effects on your results in anything.  Losing body fat is no different, there’s the big picture and then there’s a series of small things you can add to that picture, to ‘tweak’ it’s performance.

So I have for you below, 44 tricks to shred more body fat.  Although none of these things will not work without a good diet and exercise routine, once combined with these things you should be able to see a difference!

Take Action!

People procrastinate too much. The first and probably most valuable thing you NEED to do is take action.  If you don’t start, you’ll never accomplish your goals! But stick with it and see it through also.

Drink Ice Cold Water

This is a cool trick that burns more calories as your body heats the water to body temperature.  It’s a nifty trick to burn just a little bit more fat of every day.  Don’t overdo it though!

Focus on Muscle!

Make muscle building/maintenance a priority.  Keeping your muscle mass up will keep your metabolism purring and burning more body fat whilst you relax.   The act of working out to build muscle also gives your metabolism a big boost and helps you burn even more.   You should already be doing this one though 😉

Drink Milk

Milk is an excellent source of calcium & protein, but try to go for natural cows milk.  Most supermarket stocked milks are pastuerised and homogenised beyond a natural state, see if you can try to buy raw farmer’s milk to add to your ‘shred diet plan’.

Green Tea

Drink Green Tea

Green Tea can boost energy levels and help to burn fat.  It won’t make you get ripped fast but it’s another small tweak to give you that extra inch. They add up!

Go Natural

Eating healthy natural food like Meats, Fruits & Veges will get you the best results.  Natural/organic food digests slower and is void of most harmful artificial ingredients.

Avoid Stress

This can be difficult, but increased stress can lead to higher cortisol levels.  Cortisol is a hormone which can prevent fat loss and put you in a catabolic state (burning muscle). Try Meditating, getting more time in to relax and play and just try not to over prioritize unimportant things in your life.

Walk More

Walking is a simple exercise almost anyone can do.  It’s excellent for your heart and burns more calories than sitting in a car or on a lounge. Walking is a pure fat burner and it’s low intensity menas you don;t need a couple of days recovery.  You can do it every day, multiple times a day!

Ignore Six Meals a Day – Fast 12-16 Hours every day.

Eating six, even spaced meals (3 hours apart is a good rule of thumb) will keep you body from entering starvation mode – or so they say.  Studies have shown people who eat 6 meals a day don’t burn any extra energy whatsoever compared to those who eat less – but their hunger levels rise.  Daily fasting keeps you in Fat burning mode longer.

Don’t go crazy on Ab Exercises

Abdominal exercises are essential.  Keeping your entire core strong is important for health and weight loss, but over emphasizing it will not burn anywhere near the same amount of calories as a larger muscle group does.  Since your body doesn’t burn fat around a specifically trained area (spot reduction), you need all the fat burning exercise you can get.  Train the abs, but focus on the bigger muscles more.

Keep Educating yourself

If fitness is a goal or passion then keep reading anywhere you can.  Read books, websites, magazines or anything you can to learn more! Just following instructions won’t work as everyone has different genetics, taste and preference when it comes to what avenue to take.  If you want to lose weight and keep it off – actually know what you’re doing!

Perform Hill Sprints

Hill Sprints are an excellent stop & go anaerobic exercise that’s perfect for burning fat. Try a lap of sprinting up a hill and jogging down at an easy pace, then repeat!

Get Good Post Work Out Nutrition

When you finish hitting the weights at the gym, ge some protein and carbs into your system.  The first 30 minutes after a workout are when your body absorbs protein & sugar the fastest, sending it straight to the muscles and speeding up recovery.  Proper recovery is essential to keep moving in any exercise regime and will have your body operating more efficiently.

Don’t Ignore Healthy Fat!

Most people fall for the low fat craze and it’s really disappointing.  Good fats essential to our health and will make a noticeable difference to anyone trying to shred body fat.  Fish, Nuts and Oils are excellent sources of fat.

drink milk

Keep up Calcium Intake

Studies have shown that a diet higher in calcium burns more fat.  Calcium supplements are worth avoiding though, as they’ve been shown to send calcium to the wrong areas – gop for dairy, spinach or bone broth.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting a long term goal, with short term milestones is the key to success – if you aim too high you may more easily get discouraged.  Stay grounded and take one step at a time.

Be Disciplined

If you only out in half an effort you’ll get less than half the results.  Giving a fat loss program 110% of your effort is a recipe for success.

Reward Yourself

Not with food.  If you see yourself losing fat, reward milestones with new clothes, a new fishing rod, a movie, or anything that you enjoy!  You’ll be encouraged to achieve those goals for reward awaiting.

Sleep it off.

8-10 hours of sleep is best for a full recovery and rest.  If you don’t get adequate sleep, this can cause your metabolism to slow – not good for burning fat.

Try a Fat Metaboliser

There’s some good fat burning products out there. I use Acetyl L-Carnitine to help speed up the process a little!  Your body uses carnitine to turn fat into energy (to burn), supplementing this can help speed up your progress.

get your fiber

Get Your Fiber

Eating plenty of healthy food high in fiber is a good way to stabilize your insulin response (and avoid a sugar crash) .  Fiber makes food harder to process and slows the release of sugar, which prevents the sugar rush that leads to fat storage.

Avoid Alcohol…

…or at least keep it to a minimum. Alcohol destroys Testosterone levels, which can lead to elevated Estrogen levels.  As Testosterone promotes muscle mass and leanness and Estrogen promotes fat gain, you want to balance your hormones in Testosterone’s favor.

Keep Testosterone Levels High with Saturated fat

To follow up on the last point, there are a series of things you can do to naturally boost Testosterone levels – lift weights, get 8+ hours of sleep and of course – get plenty of fat into your diet.  Saturated fat is required for cholesterol, which testosterone is built on.  So don’t fear the fat!

Avoid Soy

Increased Soy intake can affect your thyroid function (which regulates your metabolism) and hormones, so avoid it where possible.

Have Sex

Sex is great fun, it burns fat and calories and increases Testosterone! Do I need to go over the other benefits!


Getting involved in competitive sports like Football, Basketball or Martial Arts is an excellent way to get highly motivated to train. I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as you get a chance to compete a little with every free roll. That will keep you really fit.

Perform Interval Training.

Interval training burns fat more efficiently than steady aerobic training.  The high intensity activity burns calories while the low intensity intervals allow to catch your breath.  As oxygen is required to burn fat, keeping your breath is a major advantage to Interval Training.

Supplement Protein

Keeping Protein levels up can be hard, this is where protein powder can be the perfect addition! Whey Protein Isolate is the cream of the crop.

Eat Eggs.

Eggs contain some of the most perfect protein out there, and are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Read our article on eggs for more information.

Drink Plenty of Water

Getting 2-3 liters of water a day is important.  Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, keeping water intake up will remove this problem as well as get your metabolism running more efficiently.

Ban Artificial Sugar (diet sodas)

The idea is “no calories – no weight gain”.  But the effect artificial sugar has on your metabolism and health simply aren’t worth it.  Not to mention that artificial sugars are known to increase appetite.

fit people

Surround Yourself with Fit, Healthy People

I’m not telling you to stop seeing everyone else, but having some like minded people around you can be an excellent support system and motivator.


Keeping your hands, and legs busy will burn more energy.  If you sitting at a desk, bounce you knee and foot, or fiddle with a pen.   Naturally skinny people are known to fidget and keep themselves moving in one way or another, why not steal that trick from them?

Ignore Fad Diets.

Low fat! Low Carb! Anything that’s a fad – pass it up.  The best way to lose body fat, and keep it off is with a healthy balanced diet.  Diets that restrict healthy nutrients are often harder follow (hunger & cravings) and can result in a regain of weight.

Do something you enjoy!

Do you enjoy doing squats and hill sprints?  If you do then you’re very lucky!  If not why not try to do something fun.  Get out and kick the football, go for a swim, or anything physical you enjoy.  Your body will reward you.

Don’t starve yourself

Starvation will crash your metabolism, burn fat, make you depressed and lead to a weight regain.  So don’t over restrict yourself.
watching tv

Ignore Late Night Infomercials

The next big Ab-Machine or “Miracle program” won’t get you the results they promised.  What they don;t tell you is that the product being sold is usually used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and exercise routine, the machine or miracle program is just tacked on the end.  Don’t waste your time or money.

Eat your greens.

Spinach is one of my favorite foods.  It’s one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and will help you get a lot of minerals your body needs without a massive hit of calories!

Get plenty of Protein

Find the best protein sources out there and get them into your diet!  Protein burns more energy than carbohydrates or fat when being processed, and aids in muscle growth and recovery.

Get a Training Buddy

Training with a buddy is a good way to stay safe, motivated and competitive.  If you’re training buddy does 8 reps, do 9.  Keep that positive competitiveness going for excellent results.

Try Something Different

The human body is made to adapt, if you keep doing the same thing eventually your results will stop and you;ll hit a plateau.  Try a different activity or approach to your training every so often and keep theball rolling!

Take up the 100 burpie challenge!

Burpies shred fat.  Add burpies to your routine and try to see how fast you can do 100 burpies!  

Take Regular Before & After Pics

Looking in the mirror everyday can have you thinking you’ve gotten nowhere.  Taking weekly photos and comparing the most recent to the first is a way to really notice results and stay motivated (and happy).

Train those legs!

A good leg workout produces more Growth Hormone and Testosterone than the other muscle groups, aiding in muscle growth and fat loss.

Perform Full Body Workouts

Giving your entire body a working is a sure fire way to rev up your metabolism.  Since all your muscles are activated, you’ll get quite a response and burn more body fat.

Step Back, and look at the big picture.

Don’t get caught up in these little tidbits too much.  The important thing is that you have a solid base to use these tweaks on.  A regular exercise routine and a solid, healthy diet will get the very best results.

It’s knowing how to formulate that plan that makes the difference.

Thanks for reading!