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Start training with Kettlebells TODAY!

Kettlebell training is an excellent alternative to traditional weight training to both grow some solid, strong muscle mass and shred body fat. Many professional athletes, particularly boxers and mixed martial artists use them as a way of building explosive power, a great sign of their ability to build useful muscle strength in terms of speed and explosiveness.  How do you start a kettlebell training program?  Craig Ballantyne, owner of Turbulence Training is a human fountain of knowledge when it comes to kettlebells, especially when trying to strip up or get bigger muscles.  He shares here with us a way to ween in some kettlebell training into your routine.

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The Big Picture of Permanent Weight Loss by William Brink

Get LeanFor most people reading this article, finding an effective diet that is effective must seem as complicated as nuclear physics. It’s not, but there are a bewildering number of choices out there. High carb or no carb? High fat or no fat?  Low or high protein? To make matters worse, there are a million variations and combinations to the above scenarios to further confuse the issue. It seems endless and causes many people frustration and pushes them towards giving up. In this article I will attempt to change all that. Read More→

Why Perform Cardio?

Is this type of cardio the best for you?You may have read many times in the past that if you want to burn fat, you MUST perform cardio.  I would say that although cardio is an excellent way to burn some calories, most types of cardio performed these days arent the most efficient ways to burn fat.   Every day you see people spending too much time pumping away at a treadmill or stationary bike thinking it will get them ripped up.  I’m not saying its impossible to lose weight doing this sort of exercise but there are far better and more efficient ways to get the results you want by Read More→

The Top Fat Loss Secrets for Flat Six-Pack Abs and a Lean Stomach

an interview by Geovanni Derice with Mike Geary – Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently by a fitness professional from NYC, Certified Personal Trainer, Geovanni Derice. The interview is below and I think you’re going to like it… I reveal some of the hardest hitting strategies for getting rid of that stubborn stomach fat to uncover those flat six pack abs that everyone wants. Read More→

The Best Diet is No Diet at All! – by Isabel De Los Rios

As a nutritionist, the most common question I get daily is “What is the Best Diet to follow?” My answer is always the same and one that shocks many people. “The best diet to follow is to follow NO diet at all.” How could any nutritionist wanting to promote health tell you not to follow a diet?” Read More→

10 Ways to Boost your Metabolism

Raise your metabolism and lose weight fast!Raising your metabolism is the key to losing weight in a healthy way. Starvation diets and over training can result in weight loss, but a severely unhealthy weight loss that can lead to a regain in weight, which is nearly always more stubborn and much harder to lose. So here we have 10 tips to boosting your metabolism to burn more fat and feel more energetic!

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The Low Body Fat Secrets of Bodybuilders and Fitness Models

The secret to getting super lean…Tom Venuto

I’m talking about being RIPPED, not just “average body fat” – is all about mastering the art of “peaking.” Most people do not have a clue about what it takes to reach the type of low body fat levels that reveal ripped six-pack abs, muscle striations, vascularity and extreme muscular definition, so they go about it completely the wrong way. Read More→

Get Fit on a Budget! No Gym Required!

Pushups! An exellent and free exercise!

Pushups! An exellent and free exercise!

Ever get tired of hearing about all these great workout ideas and not being able to get the money together for gym Membership or equipment?

Pushups! Perfect way to Get Muscles and one of the Fast Ways to Lose Weight!The solution to this problem is – forget the gym Membership and equipment. Sure, these things are a big help and make life easier but you can get a convenient, not to mention completely free workout at home! Read More→

A Simple Change in Mindset to Burn More Fat!

FREE E-Book Courtesy of Fat Burning Furnace!

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Most people that I talk to about health and fitness talk about “getting in shape”. But I don’t think they realize that their words are actually counterproductive to their aspirations of burning fat. You hear a lot of people lamenting about being out of shape and saying, “I need to get in shape and burn fat”, or, “I want to get in shape and burn fat.” What you don’t hear them saying is, “I want to get in shape, burn fat, and stay that way.” Read More→