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Home Gym Essentials! Everything you need to get lean & muscular!

I’m a big gym goer, there’s nothing like the environment of everyone working in common space, with a common goal.  Sometimes however, going to the gym is a major hassle, if you’ve ever lived out of town or simply too pressed to get the gym in opening hours.  This is where the home gym comes in handy but with one problem – not everyone can afford thousands of dollars worth of equipment, nor have  the space to keep the equipment.  So we’ve created a list of the essentials, to get you home gym started without spending thousands or adding a new floor to your house. Read More→

Bruce Lee’s Fitness Routine

Bruce Lee, a fantastic physiqueIt’s Bruce Lee’s 70th birthday!  Although he isn’t here to celebrate his birth with us, his presence is still felt to this day, and his image forever in our minds as a symbol of wisdom, skill and power.  Of course his physique makes it easy for him to be recognised.  Although not a big guy, Bruce Lee had the strength of men many times his weight and a ripped mid-section that set a new standard for guys everywhere wanting to get a six-pack, and not just the ordinary folk or martial artists, but Read More→

35 Top Fitness Articles & Posts from around the web!

I find writing for this website quite rewarding and the feedback I get is excellent.  But like most people in the field of fitness, weight loss and/or muscle growth the information is learned or picked up from somewhere else before put into practice, where experience grows.  So here are some top reads from around the web:
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Should I drink juice to lose weight? I heard it’s as bad as softdrink! The truth….

Juice! Its god for you!You hear it everywhere, you reach towards your glass to take a sip of juice and someone is there to say to you “Don’t drink juice if you want to lose weight!”, and I find nothing is more frustrating, “it’s the same as drinking softdrink!” they continue.  I will admit that juice isn’t the most ideal drink for losing weight, but it definitely has it’s place.  I enjoy a small glass with breakfast, slug down some juice after my protein once I completed a heavy session on the weights, since it dissolves faster than solid food In moderation juice has its place. Places likethose just mentioned aren’t really suitable for softdrink.  Can you imagine a healthy person having a glass of coke with breakfast?  I’ll bet you can see them drinking orange juice! So exactly what is the difference? Read More→

Is SOY peventing you from getting a rock-hard, muscular physique?

Soy - getting bad resultsJust about every food conceivable has soy in it these days.  Milk, cereals, bread, canned tuna, protein powders, margerine, these are just a small sample of everyday food (which we as consumers  eat constantly) that contain soy.  Many regard it as a near-perfect food, high in protein, low in fat, and derived from plant sources, are  they really spot on with Soy?

What about atheletes? Bodybuilders? Or even just regular gym goers? Ask most people about soy and what is their answer? It is a “health food”.  With fantastic benefits – an “ideal” source of protein, it lowers cholesterol, protects against cancer and heart disease and prevent osteoporosis just to name a few, soy has a booming reputation for being a major part of a healthy diet. What about the side effects? Read More→

Is P90X the home fitness solution for getting RIPPED?

The complete P90X packageAs a fitness fanatic, if you haven’t heard of P90X…Where have you been?  The internet is flooded with people promoting this home exercise program, with some people specialing as P90X Trainers.  Is it really as effective as they all say it is? If so, WHY?  First of all lets have a look at the P90x pacakge.

P90x, short for Power 90 Extreme, is the program developed by Tony Horton.  It is a 90 day training and nutrition program that Read More→

How MMA helps to shred fat and make you leaner than ever!

Lose Weight Fast with MMA training!The weight loss industry is growing, everyone wants to get down to a size 0 and wants the results now. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is also growing  massively, whilst the UFC is taking over the world of combative sport. The athlete’s within MMA seem to all be consistently ripped, with six packs and cannon sized arms to boot. So where am I going with this? We too can follow in the footsteps of mixed martial to attain the the hard, lean body Read More→

What you NEED to do to lose weight fast!

An overweight man, unhappy with his results...There’s a million different ways to achieve weight loss….

… but achieving it in a healthy way is of utmost importance. Too much weight lost too quickly, or the wrong type of weight (muscle loss, as opposed to fat loss) can be a short-lived victory. To achieve a healthy weight loss, the simple “calories in being less than calories out” is only the beginning, with a further balance being crucial to preventing an unwanted return of weight, usually harder to lose.

How do we find the balance? Losing too much too soon is a problem, and not enough is just frustrating. One thing we can do Read More→

Why Weight Lifting Is An Exercise That Delivers Top Health Benefits by Vince DelMonte

While some individuals are strictly interested in obtaining muscle for aesthetics, for most people, this isn’t an interest. Instead, you’re more interested in knowing what health benefits weight lifting will have for you…

Far too many people overlook the many health and fitness benefits that weight training has to offer, and because of this, experience problems down the road with their body such as decreased bone density, a slowed metabolic rate, increased stress levels and other negative consequences that are associated with constant stress. Read More→