Are Video Games Good for Fitness?

get fit playing video games

A little tongue in cheek I know, but someone asked me this just the other day so I had a laugh and then thought “hmm, well are they?” :).  I grew up playing video games and I’m pretty fit, so is there a correlation?  If you have no video games in your ‘diet’ then will adding them help you to shred up or gain muscle?  I guess it depends on what kind of person you are!

Let’s take a look at one aspect: relaxation and recovery

Training hard and eating clean will be what makes you a machine, but to be a tank you gotta take it easy around your training – take a chill pill and relax! (no pills condoned).  Get your sleep and do nothing – but there’s one problem – doing nothing is hard!  The answer – pick up a control, a PlayStation, or hop in front of your Computer and have a bit of fun pressing buttons.

I grew up playing games like Mortal Kombat and Streetfighter 2, so I always wanted to be buff and tough – something weightlifting can help with, so there’s definitely a motivation factor.  But even from a health perspective you’ve got online games jumping on the ‘fruit’ theme with places like Pocket Fruity offering a way to get lost for hours also.  The boom of online gaming offers unlimited way to kill a bit of time.  But you’ve got to be certain you make yourself earn those hours.  Relaxation without the training to earn it is pretty useless.

So yeah, you can get buff playing video games, in actual fact you’ll buff up even more outside of your training by kicking back in front of your computer.  It’s the intense training that triggers a metabolic boost and muscle growth.  The relaxation is what allows that growth to occur. So don’t overlook it!

In all honesty the key to achieving a great body is that balance, so if you’re looking for a way to remove the obsessive thoughts one fitness ( I have troubles some days).  Get online and plays some games!