A look at the Physiques of He-Man and Skeletor

Every so often when writing for this website, I decide it’s time to do something stupid.  It makes things more interesting and fun, and possibly gives people some shred of entertainment when they read.  More than likely, they think ‘this guy’s a nutter’ and I’m cool with that!

But also, no point is remembered more easily when you have something unique and stupid to remember it by, and so I wrote this.

This is probably the stupidest post I have ever written.

Masters of the Universe

When I was a kid, I used to watch He-Man.  I had action figures of He Man and Skeletor from as early as I could remember, and always thought of He Man as, just like in the cartoon, ‘the strongest man in the universe’ (hence he made the top 10 fittest cartoon characters list).

As a fitness fanatic these days you can’t help but think “Man, He man is pretty damn buff”  while Skeletor is, well Skeletor.  But if you have no idea what I’m crapping on about, here’s a quick introduction to them, followed by a look at their physiques and lifestyle below.

Please Note:  None of this is actually endorsed by the owners of the He Man franchise, and is only to be considered as a bit of fun.  I have no rights to this cartoon whatsoever.  Always check with your doctor before following through with any information you read on this website.

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He Man


He-Man’s real name is Adam.  Adam is prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Quite simply, He man is the most powerful man in the Universe.

He’s got the guns, abs and a sizeable build in general.  If you wanna get Buff, He Man’s your guy.

He Man knows his shit.

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Skeletor and his staff


I know what you’re thinking ‘he looks pretty big’.  It’s all an illusion!  Skeletor is evil and manipulative.  His entire body is comprised of quite literally flesh and bone….  well without the flesh.  If you want tips on getting jacked, I don’t think Skeletor should be payed attention to.

Like I said, he’s all bone, that means quite literally no muscle mass whatsoever.

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So, why does Skeletor have literally no muscle mass?

He’s not active.  He’s a bloody sorcerer!  He uses magic and waves around a light weight staff that a child could carry. Without the resistance to target any muscle, there’s no growth.  Even worse the severe lack of activity destroys his muscle mass!

Skeletor has a negative attitude.  Have you noticed how jealous he is of He Man and his followers?  Skeletor has what is referred to as ‘tall-poppy’ syndrome.  He tries to bring down the people around him in order to feel better about himself!

He’s lazy, and never gets outside. Skeletor doesn’t walk to his destinations, he teleports. This is classic laziness for you, walking and general movement is essential to physical fitness.  He hangs around in a dark and dingy cave, and in exact opposite fashion to He-Man, doesn’t get adequate Vitamin D from the sun.

Skeletor chucks a tanty

Skeletor chucks a tanty

He’s constantly wearing clothes that cover literally every inch (thick robes that give the impression of size, but is actually just clothing), and he even refuses to let his hoodie down when he’s outside.  This lack of sun and Vitamin D weakens his immunity and increases his risk of Cancer.  I’d say skin cancer is also a risk but that’s kind of irrelevant to Skeletor since he has no skin.

Skeletor just sort stands around trying to bring people down, without even lifting a finger, and rarely doing anything physical at all relying on his wand to magically do it all for him.  Without this movement and healthy lifestyle, he’s got nuthin’!

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Why the hell is He-Man so buff?

he man and battle catHe’s active.  He man get’s around carrying this heavy sword that he waves around in a variety of angles and movements. He wears  armor, and is always carrying extra weight.  This extra resistance keeps He Man strong. He’s the type of guy who goes out in the world and roughs it.

He man also keep himself motivated with positive thinking.  As you can see in the introduction of He Man, he pushes his sword in front of him (almost like a bench press) and shout’s ‘I have the power’ at the full extension of the movement.  This a powerful tool for reminding yourself that you can achieve your goals.  It works damn it!

He also get’s plenty of outdoor activity and sun.  He loves to ride, getting around on Battle Cat’s back.  This constant movement is both hard to predict and forces He Man to work his core and keep good balance, while Battle Cat runs and jumps around in a bit of a wild fashion.  While he’s doing all of this He Man is not wearing a shirt (that’s why he’s so tanned!), making sure to catch some rays and get plenty Vitamin D!

So He Man is active, constantly lifiting heavy weight (that sword doesn’t look too light).  But also getting plenty of time to have a bit of fun, riding battle cat around the neighbourhood.  That’s why he’s buff!

He Man is always pulling his weight, and constantly fighting off his enemies.  Face it, he’s ripped and built because he never stops!

Why the hell should you care about this?


You can (honestly, I’m not dribbling) take something from this.   A lot of the principles behind this post are similar to that of going primal.  Getting active, getting outdoors, thinking positively are all big parts of leading a healthy happy lifestyle, and developing a lean fit body. The idea of using He Man and Skeletor is just a light hearted (and did I mention kinda stupid?) way of delivering the message.  Hope you enjoyed it, if you did, follow us on Facebook below! Cheers.


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