Demon Bells!

demonbellWhat do you look for in gym equipment? Typically a practical piece of equipment which will make training a bit more convenient and give you the results you’re chasing. The kettle bell is one of my favourite pieces of training equipment. You can perform hundreds (or even thousands) of exercises that will build strength, develop explosiveness and rev up your metabolism. On top of that, it can be stored in the corner of a room, under the bed or anywhere you’ve got a small amount of space, a lot like that infomercial equipment you see late at night (except not bogus and definitely not a waste of money).

So why just settle for something practical when you can have more? Why not get make those kettle bells a really visual object that displays like a work of art when not in use. Enter the Demon Bell – a kettle bell design with a gruesome looking demon face carved into the front of the main body of the kettle bell. These Demon bells truly are a sight, and I’ve gotta say, I want one! OK, more than one!

So they look good, but on top of that the design of these kettle bells is excellent in terms of practicality. They feature anatomically designed handle grips,weight distribution that’s been specially designed for balance and specially angled backs designed to match forearm angles for kettle bell specific exercises. The face, designed to reflect a training mentality, represents a savage training ethic.

I simply can’t say enough about these things, they’re just plain cool. Check them out for yourself:

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