Burn More Fat While You Sleep With These 3 Tips

If you’re serious about shredding off some unwanted fat, you want to know every avenue there is to increase the rate your metabolsim is burning calories.  While most people focus on getting their metabolism revved up, few actually focus on what happens while they’re sleeping.  Sleep is vital to our survival, it plays a massive role in the health and fitness of our bodies.  So why not optimise our situation further, here’s 3 tips that can help you burn more fat while sleeping:

1:  Make sure you’re sleeping enough!

If you want to keep yor metabolism elevated, you need to be getting a decent amount of shut eye every night.  A lack of sleep will zap your energy levels and affect your metabolism throughout the day afterwards, aswell as the following night.  Keeping your body rested and refreshed the first essential step to keeping your body burning. Aim for 8 – 10 hours of sleep a night for the best results.

2: Remember the basics.

To burn more energy while you rest or sleep, there’s two things you need to do:  spike your metabolism and growe muscle throught high intensity weight lifting.  Although these are noted as ‘the basics’  these two tips are the key to a faster metabolism.  The more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn constantly, while high intensity exercise will spike your metabolism for up to 2 days afterwards.

3: Eat before bed:

This one is unpopular with just about everyone I mention it to.  “Eating before bed!  That’s absurd, you’ll just store it as fat!”  Yes you will, if you’re eating icecream or chocolate.  Eating a healthy low carb snack, high in protein is a different story. Health experts the world over preach the benefits of eating 6 meals a day to keep your metabolsim spiked, but something is missing.  If you eat breakfast at 6am, stick to six meals throughout the day, finishing your last at 7:00pm, then you have massive gaping hole in your logic.  For 11 straight hours you eat nothing! Eating that small meal before bed, cutting that time down to 8 hours  isn’t perfect, but it helps to keep your metabolism running smoothly.  The extra protein will also aid in recovery, and since we our recovery from exercise takes place mostly within our sleep, the protein will help aid the process, whilst keeping muscle from being burned, allowing more calories to be burned from fat.

Extra Tip: A little Green Tea before bed will also help burn a few extra calories.

Although simple, these few basic tips will help you really get the most out of your metabolism, not just during the day but at night.  The side effects of keeping your metabolism high at night will spill over during the day a little also, since you no longer have to recover from the 11 or so hours of fasting.  Minimising this gap, will have a good overall effect on your metabolism.

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