Want to Burn Fat or Grow Muscle? Squat!

Squat!Create a workload. A heavy gym session that places stress on the muscles all over your body that triggers an insane amount of muscular contractions that not only shreds fat but builds muscle for days afterwards. This exercise is known for spiking your metabolism and is often referred to as the best muscle builders by personal trainers and world class professional bodybuilders all over the planet. It’s been around since the dawn of time, but you don’t see many people doing it.

Squatting is viewed as a legs only exercise by many and a massive percentage of guys at the gym overlook them so they can build and impressive upper body, all the while missing out on the benefits this fantastic exercise has to offer. The leanest guys with the best muscular development swear by squats. Part of the reason they’re so successful in transforming their bodies is the understanding of this and other compound exercises (read about the big 3 here). As Well as the discipline to perform them regularly. Fitness Author Vince Delmonte swears by them stating that “one of the most effective exercises for building muscle and boosting your metabolism are squats”. Why is squatting so good for your body?

You Work Your Entire Body

It’s obvious – when you squat, your legs are worked from pushing the weight up from the lowered position. However, a lot of people are missing some facts. Squatting also works you back, core and arms simply to hold the weight in place and stay balanced, especially with heavy weight. Try holding a heavy barbell on your shoulders without using those muscles – impossible. Working all of these muscles is what leads to faster progress.

Heightened Growth Hormone and Testosterone

These hormones build muscle, the aid in fat loss and squatting releases more of the hormones than any other exercise. The recruitment of multiple muscle groups creates such a response, as well as the heavy emphasis on the legs and glutes – the biggest muscles in the body. If you want a lean, built body, you’ll want to take advantage of testosterone and growth hormone.

Increased Workload

Using all of the muscles in your body makes it possible to lift more weight. With the squat you can hold a greater deal of weight than most exercises. Not only do you have the barbell, but squatting is a bodyweight exercise, you have to lift your own weight aswell! This greater workload will also contribute to the extra hormonal response, aswell as work your muscles harder, which will lead to more growth and a higher spike in metabolic rate.

How do I perform the Squat?

If you want to learn how to squat, I strongly recommend you have a trainer demonstrate and help you perform the exercise yourself until you feel you are competent. Having a trainer nearby will help you to avoid injury as an experienced trainer can spot flaws and help you perfect your technique to avoid injury, and deterioration of the knee joint. Contrary to you may hear, when performed properly squats actually improve knee stability and over the long term can make your knee ligaments tighter and stronger. If you want some instruction to get you started, check the video below. Cheers!

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